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Prayers for Finn!! | Fredericksburg, VA Family Photographer

Prayers For FINN!!!!

Wow thinking about this blog I had so much running through my mind. Of course when I sit down my brain starts spinning and all I can think of are all the amazing times I've had with Finn and his truly incredible family! Myself meeting Finn and the Blumenthal was nothing short of God's working, two years ago I got a random Facebook message from a fellow photographer that I had met in a photography group asking me if I could take over a session she had booked with this family since she was unable to shoot. I of course said yes, not knowing at all what to expect except that it was a lifestyle/home session and the little boy did have some type of heart complication. 

When I pulled up to the home I was immediately greeted by Kelly at the front door! Cheery happy and always smiling Kelly welcomed me into their home and into their family room. Their I met Mason and Micheal where I was caught up to speed on Finns conditions and a little bit more about the family! After watching Kelly finish Finns meds and dressing the family we started our session. I knew instantly that a true friendship was forming in that short of time. It was like I was talking to a friend I had known for years ( tell me that is'nt gods working!). We shot some more personal shots in Finns Nursery with just mama and him and then we transitioned to family shots in the family room and living area! When I left that session it was like my world changed! I walked out of those doors never wanting to take anything for granted and trying my best to live everyday to the fullest, but also with one heck of an awesome friend and support system!

Now I know a lot of you may know that Kelly is the one of the most upbeat and inspiring people you've met, but behind the scenes this woman is super mom! Since meeting Finn and his family 2 years ago things have changed! I've watched Finn go from a feeding tube to crawling (aka baby yoga) to yes walking, eating and talking! Its been such an amazing journey to document him and all his accomplishments! When I say Finns like the son I never had its true! He's always a daily conversation here at the house and if the girls find out the famous (FINN) was here at the studio while they were at school, theres always some broken hearts lol.

We all know Finn is a fighter and we know he's gonna "JUST KEEP SWIMMING" but tomorrow Finn has his first procedure out of two . I would like to ask for your help and pray for this sweet little boy and his family! I can't begin to imagine what this must feel like to have a child endure procedures like this especially at such a young age but in Finns case they are needed and they are needed now! I need my Prayer warriors to pray and pray hard! Please put him and his family on any prayer request and chain you may know of! 

Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed , for I am you God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand! 



This was our first shoot together! The start of a friendship and journey I will be forever grateful for!


The Big ONE!! He was beating milestones before he was ONE


Ya know just being a cute Chick- fila model!!! Thank you rose 17 Chick-fila for all your support!


One of my favorites! Warrior Finn! And look at him rocking that scare!!! Ya know what they say! Chicks dig scares!!


The Big TWO!!!

Hear my ROAR!!!!! 

To the moon and the stars!!!!!!


Let me tell ya bout my best friend!!!!


And last but not least.. Maddie and Autumn have a message for you Finn!!! We love you and we know your gonna just keep swimming!!!!!!