Cake Smash Time!!

2016 was a wonderful year and I had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing kiddos and their parents! At the beginning of last year I decided I was going to focus solely on belly- baby, cake smashes and family sessions! It brought so much more joy to myself and my photography! The cake smash sessions really allow me to use my creativity to its fullest and I love that! Not only that but Its kinda like planning a party/throwing a party at the same time, and who doesn't like a party?!! Right!!! Plus we all know my love for balloons!!! 

Coming into 2017 I plan to grow my business as well as really focus on what my business stands for!! 2016 I had around 20 cake smashes and I hope 2017 brings even more then that! I have big goals for 2017 and I'm determined to conquer them! So for now enjoy some of my favorite smashes from 2016!